Our work involves new construction, renovation, and adoptive reuse of existing buildings. However, a significant part of our experience is with infill development projects. NAVEDA endeavors to uncover the hidden opportunities in vacant and underutilized lots, and aims to create new opportunities for such properties. Our service expertise includes: 

•  Feasibility: Developing project feasibility studies and land use analyses  
•  Sourcing: Scouting and identifying land or buildings for development opportunities
  Brokering: Negotiating real estate deals with owners and partners
  Renovation: Converting existing buildings to new use
•  Construction: Planning and managing construction details
•  Financing: Identifying funding sources and investors
•  Zoning: Petitioning local authorities for zoning or rezoning
•  Permitting: Obtaining building and other permits
•  Hearings: Attending public hearings for zoning or change of use
•  Management: Forming development team and overseeing projects

Atlanta, Georgia


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